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Curly Koa Genesis Pen

Curly Koa Genesis Pen


Curly Koa is a wood native to Hawaii and has what is called chatoyance. The best way to describe it  is like a shimmer and gives a depth and shine to the wood. The grip and end of the pen are made of Macassar Ebony.

The price above is for the rollerball style pen.

It is also available in a fountain pen style. The price for for the fountain pen is $633.00 (Call to specify fountain pen)

  • Limited Warranty

    Heins Creative Latheworks strives to provide pens of superior quality and offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our pens. If your pen should break in the course of normal usage or any part fails, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We reserve the right to determine normal usage (upon inspection) and whether the pen will be repaired or replaced. Charges may apply if we determine the pen was improperly used. Please call us should you need to return your pen for repair or replacement due to damage.

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