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Handmade Pens and Hand Lathed Gifts | Custom Pens

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
Albert Einstein

Designer and Lathe Artist

Dan Heins is the owner and artisan of Heins Creative Latheworks. His skills were obtained through years of practice and a love for lathework... fueled by being a creatively driven person. Heins Creative Latheworks was formerly known as Danny Heins Custom Woodorking.



Back in 2000 Dan’s friend noticed his desire and skill in building and working with wood. As a result, he encouraged him to start his own construction business. While he enjoyed building, he found that it was the more detailed and custom type projects that most fulfilled him.



Over the years he gradually came to focus on building custom furniture, repairing and refinishing antique furniture and other custom projects. When he acquired a lathe from a neighbor he found that a whole new realm of creativity had been opened to him. He began making toy wood trains for his sons. Later he ventured into turning bowls and it wasn’t long before he was turning bowls of many shapes and sizes. He has since spent years exploring the world of turning and found great joy in creating useful art.


​In 2009 he began working for William Henry, LLC, a world renowned maker of knives, pens and jewelry. He has been blessed to manage the pen department for 10 years and has obtained valuable experience in the industry. He has extensive experience in working with materials such as stone, bone, coral, and petrified wood and now works full time in his own business and looks forward to creating pens, bowls and other custom work for years to come.

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