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The Genesis Pen

Pen Petrified Wood Hand Turned

An original pen design of Heins Creative Latheworks, it includes titanium fittings and a stainless steel clip with our logo etched on the cap ring and clip. This picture features the cap and barrell made of Oregon Petrified wood. The end of the barrel and the grip are made of Maple wood.

This pen can be made from many different materials at the customers choosing. You can choose from what we currently have in stock, we can order a material for you, or you can supply us with the material you would like.

We currently have the following materials in stock:

Macassar Ebony, Curly Maple, Black Walnut, Purple Heart, Redwood Burl, Shittim Wood, Bethlehem Olivewood, Curly Koa, Spalted Tamarind, Spalted Maple Burl, Cocobolo, Gary Green Petrified Wood, Charoite, Jade, Mammoth Tooth and Marble and Granite in various colors and designs.

Hand Turned Bowls

Bowls made from wood, resin, wood and resin combined, pine cones in resin. So many creative ways to turn a bowl. Choose from our inventory of wood, supply your own, or order what you want.

Bowl Apple Root Hand Turned

Creatively Driven...

Those two words describe the heart of Dan Heins, owner and artisan of Heins Creative Latheworks. It is this creativity that allows him to design pens, turn bowls, solve problems, and help customers make their ideas a reality. His greatest desire is to have satisfied customers. We hope you find the pictures on the Gift Ideas page helpful in displaying what we do here at Heins Creative Latheworks. Whether you are seeking a beautiful pen or bowl, or looking to have a piece of furniture made or repaired, a happy and satisfied customer is always the main goal.

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